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Tarrant Area Food Bank Partners include, among others:

  • Volunteers involved with community food drives, our events, our warehouse and offices, nutrition and cooking classes and our board of directors, among other activities;
  • Donors of funds for general operating expenses;
  • Sponsors of our events or our BackPacks for Kids and Kids Cafe feeding programs or of commercial promotions benefiting the Food Bank;
  • Donors of in-kind gifts;
  • Partner hunger-relief charities that distribute food we provide.

Learn more about these partnership opportunities:  Volunteering, Financial Gifts, In-Kind Gifts, Sponsorships/Mutual Marketing Partnerships and Partner Food-Aid Charity.

Contact Us

Volunteer Opportunities

Linda Smith, Director of Volunteer Services

817-332-9177, ext. 118


Commercial Food Donations as In-kind Gifts
Jim Macphearson                                    OR      Lety Fraley
Director of Food Industry Relations                  Director of Operations
817-332-9177, ext. 121                                   817-332-9177, ext. 104
Email                                                                 Email

Financial and In-kind Gifts
Joan McInerney, Director of Development
817-332-9177, ext. 133


Sponsorships/Mutual Marketing Partnerships
Francie Cooper, Community Events Director
817-332-9177 ext. 110


Becoming a Partner Agency
Jeanette Scott, Agency Relations Coordinator
817-332-9177, ext. 102